Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Agent EVER


You should be very proud of Daddy... a friend of ours was fighting to keep his daughter and also having his divorce decree upheld... and Daddy gave a lot of time and energy to prove his case.  They won!!!

John and his wife Leslie took us out to celebrate and T partied with Aunt Connie!



Clean up time

we stayed out really late... thankfully Connie loves T as much as she does

Thanks for a great time Bartletts and what a celebration it was!!!
Daddy is the best real estate agent EVER!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Four is two hours away

I just wrote an entire story and it vanished.... sometimes I hate computers. *SIGH*

Anyway, as I was saying... you tested me beyond measure tonight, said mean things to me and hurt my feelings. I in turn was impatient and bratty to you. You told me that "You ruin everything Mommy" and I was. so. SAD!! but then, you came back and said "Mommy I'm sorry I said mean things to you" and my heart swelled 10 sizes.

I am SO blessed to be your mom Tristan. I struggle with how much of your day to day life I have missed but God chose to let ME hear your first words and chose to let your first steps be before my eyes and THOSE are monumental blessings that I will forever be thankful for. I can't believe that 4 years of your life has passed. You are going to be FOUR tomorrow... how did THAT happen?

You are SO my child, you are goofy, funny, wild, competitive, stubborn,competitive, stubborn, did I mention stubborn. I will have my hands full with you little man and I am SO thankful for that.

You love salad
You hate buttons, jeans and zippers
You love Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins
We can't figure out you hair for the life of us
You have grown out of almost ALL of the clothes I bought you for this winter
You love sharks
You love Big Boots toys
And you love kitties and lizards you play soccer you race cars and
You LOVE swords
You are snuggly when you are sick and NOT so snuggly unless you consider wrestling snuggles.

I could go on and on... bit there is no need. YOU TRISTAN HOLT BARBER are my greatest joy.

I love you Nugg, Happy Almost Your Birthday baby, can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!!  Love, Mommy

Tristan's Pre-birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese

Tristan loooooves Davis...
 and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual!
they played "Let's Go Jungle for about 30 minutes" just blowing stuff up and could have cared less that they weren't winning any tickets!
they played and played and played...
I gave up shooting pics for a while...
 Grace just didn't get what was so great about blowing up bugs...
So off she went with Sue to snag tickets!
 Holt is the ladies man... Lauren, Kenzie and Connie came to join in for the fun!
T was S-C-A-R-E-D of the rat
 so we all sang Happy Birthday.....
 Blew out candles...
 a few times...
 and then he knew what time it was

He started to warm up a tad (we KNEW the rat - once again he was a buddy of the Oliver family so we go the supreme hookup! AGAIN!!)

 T said he would go say CHEEEESE with Davis and only with Davis! LOL 
 Present time
 Davis was quite helpful
 and T got The Hulk fighting hands from the Jones' and a cool t-shirt and an RG3 action figure from Aunt Connie and the coolest bubble maker from the rest of the Olivers!
 so Connie and I talked football and tried on the hands
You're going down Oliver
Tried to get a family shot for my mom
and he wanted NO part of that...
See!?  Someone was T-I-R-E-D!!
It's hard turning FOUR!
Happy Almost Your Birthday T!!

Chinese Lanterns

So last Sunday (yes a week ago, cut me some slack, I've been a little busy) we went to see the Chinese Lanterns.

Very cool to learn about the Chinese culture and man, what they can do with some random things!!

So we headed in...
First were the pandas... and a nice woman took our pic.  Too bad it's so dark!!

then this dragon was made out of tiny liquor bottles

then this insanely long dragon was made out of plates and tea cups!!
What are YOU lookin' at (this one kind of freaked me out)

and of course they had dinosaurs (weird, right!?)
they that was freaky
on the way out we saw long horns
and NY was even represented by the Statue of Liberty
After T bought his "parting" gift of a sword... he slayed an elephant
 and off to the car we went!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your Daddy rocked it!

It's here again....your birthday

Gosh, I absolutely LOVE celebrating your birthday. It is SUCH a blessing to see you grow and change... and Daddy and I love celebrating with you.

I however, struggle with knowing that you are getting so big, so fast and it's only a matter of time before you are going off to college.

I know, I know.. you are over a week away from being 4 but four years has FLOWN by.

Nights like these, when you sneak in our room and snuggle up to me - fill my heart.  I treasure every, single second and am thankful when you do it.

You don't know it but when this happens... Mommy's heart swells two sizes.
Thank you Nugg, I love you!